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Follow these steps to return your aligners:

  • To ensure a full refund, make sure to return your unused aligners, in their original bags, within 30 days of receiving them. 
  • Please note, you are responsible for shipping costs. We recommend using a trackable carrier such as FedEx or DHL. This way, even if a shipment is lost in transit, we can process your refund.
  • For address and further information, call 0800 854 751.

You could be eligible for an aligner touch-up if you:
1.     Wear your aligners as prescribed throughout your treatment plan, except when eating or drinking 
    anything other than cool water.
2.    Register your aligners at SmileDirectClub.co.nz/checkin
3.    Respond to each regular Smile Check-in™ from your dentist by sending an email with the 
    requested photos.

Things come up. We get it.

If you are currently in treatment, you will become eligible again as long as you:

1.  Check in your aligners (check your email to do this)
2.  Complete your future Smile Check-ins™ (via email)
3.  Are current on your payments 
4.  Purchase retainers after treatment, replace them every 6 months, and wear them as prescribed


If you just finished treatment, you can become eligible again as long as you:

1.  Are current on your payments 
2.  Replace retainers every 6 months and wear them as prescribed


If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible, contact us to find out. 


Currently the Lifetime Smile Guarantee is for new Club members, Club members currently in treatment, and Club members who have finished treatment within the past 90 days. We are actively working on a program for Club members who finished treatment over 90 days ago, and as soon as we have more information, we will reach out to let you know.

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